steeringOur job here at Apex Auto & RV Repair is to ensure that every one of our customers is safe while behind the wheel. That means ensuring their steering system is working as it should. The most commonly detected issue with the steering system is the power steering pump not working. Did you know there are several other parts of the vehicle’s steering system that can go bad over time? Our educated staff can handle any issue your steering system may encounter. If you have any problems with your vehicle’s power steering pump or any of the components in the steering system, give us a call today.

Power Steering Repair Clearwater FL

If you own a vehicle today, there is a very high chance you are used to having power steering. What does the power steering pump do for you? When you turn the steering wheel, you are actually turning the pinion which allows for minor adjustments of the wheels. These small adjustments are what allow for the maneuverability of our vehicles. The power steering pump makes this process easier by assisting the pinion via an engine-driven pump or an electric motor. If your power steering system goes out, you will notice more difficulty when attempting to turn the steering wheel.

Other Steering Components

When it comes to your vehicle’s steering system, there are many more parts involved than just the steering wheel and power steering pump. The other components are the rack, the pinion, the rack and pinion case, the steering box, the tie rod ends, and the ball joints. Any one of these parts can wear over time and eventually fail. The rack, the ball joints, and the tie rod end all affect your steering as well as the wheels of your vehicle since they are connected to your wheels. If they become broken, bent, or misaligned, your vehicle could experience uneven tread wear.

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If you have hit a nasty pothole, jumped a curb, ran over something hard in the road, or are just experiencing handling issues, you might consider coming into Apex Auto & RV Repair in Clearwater, FL, for an inspection. Driving around with a problem in the steering system can cause drivability issues and safety concerns. When it comes to your vehicle’s steering, don’t let a minor problem get any worse, and bring your vehicle into our shop at the first sign of difficulty.

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